FFWD F2R - now in stylish White

20 August 2008

F2R riders are thrilled about performance and ride quality. Now the same great and light weight wheels are about to enter the market in a different appearance.

FFWD F2R White Edition, coming this fall!


ZWOLLE, THE NETHERLANDS - For those that want to take advantage of super light weight wheels which are also a jewel to the eye, FFWD now offers the FFWD F2R White Edition wheel set. Much like the standard FFWD F2R wheel sets, the White Edition are built up out of the best ingredients out there. High Tensile, ultra stiff TC35 carbon tubular rims, DT Swiss 190 Ceramic or DT Swiss 240s hubs laced up to perfection with 20/24 DT Aerolite bladed spokes.

Scared that the extra white paint on the rims will have a negative effect on the weight of the wheel set? Don’t worry; special painting techniques contribute to the fact that the FFWD F2R White Edition wheel set only adds 50g on top of the standard F2R wheel set. This puts the DT Swiss 190 Ceramic set at a still astonishing 1049gr!


Posted by FFWD on 20 August 2008