Wim Nieuwkerk Dutch Champ Winter Tri.

29 October 2007

Wim Nieuwkerk has won the Dutch Championship Winter triathlon in Assen again. 


Nieuwkerk was not so satisfied about his running. However, his cycling and ice skating went very well. He was the only participant that could finish the 50km cycling track with an average of 40 Kph, which is quite impressive as the cycling track included about 50 corners.


Nieuwkerk was the first one that entered the ice and could finish the 20 kms without too much pressure. After Nieuwkerk had made 9 tracks on the ice Erik Simon Strijk arrived and a little bit later Erik Jan Spijkerman arrived. The last mentioned is known as a marathon ice skater. Spijkerman and Strijk were however too far behind Nieuwkerk.


1.                  Wim Nieuwkerk                  2:25:07

2.                  Erik Jan Spijkerman            2:30:41

3.                  Erik Simon Strijk                 2:31:21


Read the complete report on www.wimnieuwkerk.nl

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