At FFWD Wheels we are constantly working on improvement of our products. In this process of product deve- lopment we learned that the combination of compounds will make the difference between good or great. As techniques develop quickly it remains a continuous process at FFWD Wheels!

FFWD Wheels applies three different brake track layers depending on the type of rim or type of use.

All FFWD tubular (road) rims have a Basalt brake surface (BBS). Reducing heat production and improving brake performance in combination with the supplied SwissStop black prince brake pads.

CBT 1.5
Based on 1.5k CARBON structure in combination with High TG Custom Compound Resin. Increasing braking power by 30% in all conditions, more durable and doesn’t make noise while braking.

The F3R FCC has an exclusive brake surface. Mixing three different composites and a copper layer with a High TG Resin enables fast heat reduction and high brake efficiency. Durable and capable of higher tire pressure.

July 1, 2019

2019 Tour de France


Facts and features from within the company!

FFWD Wheels Sponsoring 2 Cycling Teams


A few days from now, the 106thedition of the Tour de France will start in Brussels. For the 6thtime, FFWD Wheels will be present at this spectacle: they sponsor two French Pro Continental teams, namely, Total Direct Energie and Arkea-Samsic. Both teams came through the selection by means of a wildcard.

The Total Direct Energie team, with their leader, the Dutchman Nikki Terpstra, has been sponsored by FFWD Wheels for two years. In recent years, Terpstra finished first in major cycling races, such asThe Tour of Flandersand Paris Roubaix. This year, his team decided in favour of FFWD carbon wheels equipped with disc brakes. Compared to the commonly utilised rim brakes, cyclists enjoy the much improved braking capacity with disc brakes. Disc brakes are not only much more powerful, they even provide substantially shorter braking distances. This advantage will be clearly noticeable, particularly under poor weather conditions or during descents.

By the end of last year, the second team, Arkea Samsic, approached FFWD for a three-year sponsor contract. The team can boast of two famous leading men, i.e. German sprinter André Greipel and French climber Warren Barquil. Greipel won several Tour de France stages in the past.

Especially for the time trial, both cycling teams will have the 2-spoke front wheels of FFWD’s Falcon model at their disposal. The unified spoke design with its special profile, results in an improved aerodynamic shape bringing record times within reach.

Depending on personal preference and the type of stage (flat or mountain climb), riders of either team may choose between the F3, F4 and F6 wheels. F3 is exclusively suited for mountain climb stages. This type of wheel comes with 30 mm high rims and a lower weight, so it offers an easier mountain ride characteristic. F4, the wheel with 45 mm high rims is the allrounder, suitable for flat and mountain stages. Thanks to its sturdier design, the F6 with 60 mm high rims is specifically suitable for sprints and flat stages.

If the members of the above-mentioned teams manage to obtain a yellow, green or polka dot jersey, FFWD have special wheels in preparation, sprayed in a matching colour or pattern.


*FFWD specialises in the design and production of high-end carbon wheels for the cycling disciplines of road, triathlon and track for the professional as well as the cycling fan.