At FFWD Wheels we are constantly working on improvement of our products. In this process of product deve- lopment we learned that the combination of compounds will make the difference between good or great. As techniques develop quickly it remains a continuous process at FFWD Wheels!

FFWD Wheels applies three different brake track layers depending on the type of rim or type of use.

All FFWD tubular (road) rims have a Basalt brake surface (BBS). Reducing heat production and improving brake performance in combination with the supplied SwissStop black prince brake pads.

CBT 1.5
Based on 1.5k CARBON structure in combination with High TG Custom Compound Resin. Increasing braking power by 30% in all conditions, more durable and doesn’t make noise while braking.

The F3R FCC has an exclusive brake surface. Mixing three different composites and a copper layer with a High TG Resin enables fast heat reduction and high brake efficiency. Durable and capable of higher tire pressure.

Debut in Paris-Roubaix


Facts and features from within the company!

Debut in Paris-Roubaix!


Since the start of the completely Dutch Pro Continental team two years ago they did not have to complain about their race schedule. Many wildcards for the big races were offered to the team during the European spring classics. Still the invite for Paris-Roubaix this year caused some excitement within the team. It would mean the debut in the “Hell of the North” as a team as well as six of the eight selected riders. Pim Ligthart and Coen Vermeltfoort had already been in the race before and Vermeltfoort even won the U23 race four years ago.


The debut in this iconic race did not go as any other race the team has done. Where the team usually is able to be present in the early breakaway of all races they tried to follow the same tactics. Due to the tailwind and high average speed there was no room for groups to lead early in the race.

Best man of the race Pim Ligthart had some bad luck and crashed with Greg van Avermaet who eventually won the race. Ligthart finished 52nd on the famous velodrome of Roubaix. Berden de Vries, Brian van Goethem and Taco van der Hoorn also finished on the velodrome but were unfortunately not listed in the final results due to a large time gap.