At FFWD Wheels we are constantly working on improvement of our products. In this process of product deve- lopment we learned that the combination of compounds will make the difference between good or great. As techniques develop quickly it remains a continuous process at FFWD Wheels!

FFWD Wheels applies three different brake track layers depending on the type of rim or type of use.

All FFWD tubular (road) rims have a Basalt brake surface (BBS). Reducing heat production and improving brake performance in combination with the supplied SwissStop black prince brake pads.

CBT 1.5
Based on 1.5k CARBON structure in combination with High TG Custom Compound Resin. Increasing braking power by 30% in all conditions, more durable and doesn’t make noise while braking.

The F3R FCC has an exclusive brake surface. Mixing three different composites and a copper layer with a High TG Resin enables fast heat reduction and high brake efficiency. Durable and capable of higher tire pressure.

July 22, 2019

FFWD Tubeless Wheels – Important Update


Facts and features from within the company!


With the increasing popularity of the tubeless system more and more riders change the traditional inner tubes for a tubeless setup.

The process of completing the setup in the right way has proved to be challenging for some and for this reason we have made instructions which can be found on our website and included with each tubeless wheel set in the bag.

We have received some feedback from customers who could not do the setup in the right way as we found the tubeless valve is sometimes not covering the valve hole of the rim completely on the side of the rim bed. If not installed in the right way, serious damage to the rim or injury could occur.

To make sure everyone is able to complete the tubeless setup easily and in the correct way we have made a small change to the rim in order to make the tubeless valve fit at all times.

For the riders out there who already have a set of our tubeless wheels and are about to change their setup we offer a free tubeless valve kit to complete the process properly.

This situation is limited to the rims of the F4 and F6 Full Carbon Clincher (FCC) models with a production date between September 2018 and May 2019 and can be recognized by the serial numbers starting with 18I, 18J, 18K, 18L, 19A, 19B, 19C, 19D, 19E, 19F or 19G.
In the current models a sticker has been applied near the valve hole with valve hole diameter mentioned. If this sticker is applied you don`t need a new tubeless valve kit.

Feel free to contact us for any questions through

FFWD Wheels Serial Number

Placement of the FFWD serial number next to the valve hole.