At FFWD Wheels we are constantly working on improvement of our products. In this process of product deve- lopment we learned that the combination of compounds will make the difference between good or great. As techniques develop quickly it remains a continuous process at FFWD Wheels!

FFWD Wheels applies three different brake track layers depending on the type of rim or type of use.

All FFWD tubular (road) rims have a Basalt brake surface (BBS). Reducing heat production and improving brake performance in combination with the supplied SwissStop black prince brake pads.

CBT 1.5
Based on 1.5k CARBON structure in combination with High TG Custom Compound Resin. Increasing braking power by 30% in all conditions, more durable and doesn’t make noise while braking.

The F3R FCC has an exclusive brake surface. Mixing three different composites and a copper layer with a High TG Resin enables fast heat reduction and high brake efficiency. Durable and capable of higher tire pressure.



Aerodynamics on disc brakes!

The 60mm rims are built with UD carbon for more stiffness featuring the new FFWD logo design and FFWD’s DARC aero profile. Offering the best aerodynamics these wheels are used most on Time Trial and Triathlon bikes but would make a mean sprinting machine as well. The new FFWD design features UV protected logo’s.

DT Swiss hubs are known for their high quality and low and easy maintenance. On the disc brake models the 2:1 spoke ratio brings more spokes on the critical side of the wheel making sure the best balance and durability is reached.

Also great for Gravel Bikes!

The wider rims with tubeless compatibility in combination with the disc brakes make these wheels your perfect choice for gravel use.

Go up to 40mm to choose your ideal tire profile to attack those gravel roads!

Riding with tubeless tires offers several advantages over the standard tire with inner tube combination. Read the instructions for the full explanation.

FFWD wheels are always shipped as a complete package including most common accessories protected by a nice wheel bag. Outboxing will be something to look forward to!

Do you want to match your wheels with the color of your bike?

We now offer a selection of colors on high quality stickers which you can apply yourself to the original wheels. These decals are available in our shop in full color or outline design!



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  • Rim height:
    60 mm
  • Rim width:
    19 mm int
  • Weight limit:
    120 kg
  • Max tire pressure:
    9 bar
  • Weight:
    1590 gr


3 years warranty
FFWD warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of two years. When you register your wheels you will get one additional year of warranty.

Crash Replacement
Policy In case of bad luck, FFWD supports you by offering replacement rims for a special discounted price.

Hand Built in Holland
Find out how much attention we pay to each wheel!

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