Jack Record2

World Record Attempt

Attacking the World Record of most ridden kilometers in 7 days!

World Record Attempt

Attacking the World Record of most ridden kilometers in 7 days!


TeamFFWD Ambassador Jack Thompson A.K.A. Jack Ultracyclist is going to brake the World Record of most ridden kilometers in one week! Follow his achievements through the week here!

“The kilometers I’d ridden in a week was always my yardstick growing up. I remember thinking that 1,000km was a ‘huge week’ and so the idea of 3,500 plus km in 7 days excites me.

The current record sits at 3,333km and so in chasing this down, I’m hoping to ride 3,500+ km across the 7-day period. I’ll undertake the record in the South of Spain where its flat and hot. Let’s hope for favorable weather and wind!”

Starting his attempt on the 28th of September 2020 we will follow his progress!

Monday 28-9: 

Kicking off at 2am this morning (Monday 28th September) my 7 day world record attempt begins. I’m nervous, excited and ready to get this show on the road. It feels like it’s been a long time coming!!

Day one is done! 545km ticked off. So ahead of schedule. It was quite a warm and windy day in the south of Spain. Traffic on the record loop was busy in the morning and calm in afternoon. Was kept well fed and supported by the team.

Tuesday 29-9:

Second day in the saddle for Jack. He faced a day with lots of heat and wind as well as some stomach troubles due to trying to pack too much carbohydrate during day 1. 

With 541km (including 2500m of elevation) he is well on his way to nail the record!

Jack WR1

Wednesday 30-9:

Day 3 was one with strong headwinds in the afternoon but overall a good day and one closer to his goal! With 88km he has a small buffer for the coming days and is looking forward to another 500km tomorrow!

jacks record attempt

Thursday 1-10:

A good day for Jack, 510km with 33km/h average is pretty impressive! Back on solid foods after some issues in the first days makes a big difference. This day also marks the fact he is past half way the record attempt and still going strong!

Jack WR6

Friday 2-10:

Day 5 of the record attempt was marked with super strong winds and rain. Not the easiest day as you can imagine! It shows the determination of Jack to put through this and keep the eyes on the goal. At the end of the day he's still on track to set the record!

Jack WR2

Saturday 3-10:

A contrast in weather compared to yesterday, nice and calm weather makes today a bit easier. Still Jack will have to push for another 500km on the sixth day in a row! Eventually by end of this day he 'only' has to do 290km to break the current World Record!

Jack WR5

Sunday 4-10:

The final day, the finish is in sight, a cold beer is waiting! Half way through the day Jack is past the old World Record distance but will continue to pursue the goal he set at first; 3500km!

By end of day seven Jack has done it, 3502km in seven days! What a week, what a guy, but he has a World Record!!!

Jack WR4