An aerodynamic wheel set for the racer. With a 60mm DARC profile rim this is the most chosen set for competition riders or the serious enthusiasts. Strong, stiff yet lightweight in its category of carbon wheels.



DARC stands for ‘Double Arc’ which is the profile of the rim. It compresses air on the rim to create a faster airflow which reduces the drag behind the wheel.


FFWD Hubs: The best hubs based on price and quality. High-end hubs with the least rolling resistance keep on going when you give them a spin.



  • Superstiff High Tensile TC35 Carbon
  • 60 mm deep rim with DARC™ profile
  • FFWD decals under clear coat
  • New designed FFWD hubs
  • Weight: 1355 gram
  • Sapim CX-Ray or DT Aerolite spokes
  • 20/24H
  • DT Pro Lock Brass nipples.
  • Hand built in The Netherlands

Comes with exclusive wheel bags, quick release set, valve extensions & brake pads




FFWD DARCtm technology is short for ‘Double Arc’ which refers to the profile of the rim. The revolutionary DARCTM profile improves aerodynamics dramatically by reducing the drag. Air has the characteristic to stick to its surface and by cre¬ating a negative arc section the air will be compressed more at the positive section. This will increase the pressure just like on the topside of an airfoil. Increased pressure results in a faster airflow and less resistance on the wheel which reduces the drag. The DARCTM profile is applied to all F4R, F6R and F9R models!



We use High-Tensile TC-35 carbon for the majority of the lay-up. This gives the rim a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with hard application of the wheels. So, rather than use a stiffer, but more brittle carbon type, we chose durability over ultimate stiffness. In some lay-ups we add some higher modulus sheets to increase stiffness locally.   We actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fiber can handle tension very well, we have to mix...


All rims are molded with a process we call Ecomtm (Equal Compression). This means that the rims are molded with a custom-made air bag that has the inner shape of the rim. This makes sure that the pressure/compression is equal on the entire inner surface of the rim. Result is a practically void less rim section and a smooth wall on the inside of the rim. Without voids, the carbon sheets are completely fused into one system. The rim structure is much better and you can make the rim lighter and stronger. Ecomtm also provides for a smooth inside (no wrinkles!) which is a great feature and not common for carbon rims. This is for instance very beneficial for the nipples. Just imagine how the force of the spoke tension is applied through the nipple seat onto the rim itself. If the nipple seat isn't smooth, the transition of the force isn't clean and optimal. This might cause spoke, nipple or spoke hole failure in future. FFWD rims are made with Ecomtm which ensures longevity.


faq 01 1

Why use 24 spokes for the rear wheel?

The front wheel only has lateral (direction of axle) and radial/frontal (perpendicular to the axle) forces to handle. The rear wheel however also has to deal with the rider's power transfer [1]. This creates higher forces in the trailing spokes, because only the trailing spokes can transfer the power of the rider to the rim. The leading spokes will slacken when there is a momentum [2].

Let's say a rider is on a hill and pushes the pedal with a force equal to 150kg [3]. When the gearing is on its lowest (for instance 39x27), the momentum in the hub is the highest. The initial load in our spokes is 110/120kgF in the rear and 90/100kgF in the front. The extra load (due to the drive momentum) that the rider puts on these spokes will be: 150*(175/78)*(55/23) = 800kgF [4]. This force has to be spread out over all trailing spokes. Less spokes means there will be higher peak forces in the rear wheel.

24 spokes -> 120+(800/12) = 187kg peak
20 spokes -> 120+(800/10) = 200kg peak

That could be a reason why other manufacturers sometimes use a lower initial load on their spokes when using 18h or 20h. To keep the peak forces under control. This lower initial load, however, will decrease the lateral stiffness of the wheel (in other words: less force is needed to displace the rim sideways -> not a good thing).

So, therefore FFWD decided to put in an extra 20g, but in exchange we can build wheels with a higher durability, stiffness and more responsiveness. For those who feel that they need more rigidity than our standard 20/24h lacing (cyclocross for instance), we propose the ControlTM version with 24/28h lacing. ControlTM is available on most models.

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Why use 3K carbon for the rims?

We actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fiber can handle tension very well, we have to mix up the layers to make the rim stiff and strong enough. Pressure is not a great feature of a fiber. Just think of a string being pushed [1]).  But when mixed correctly, the different angles interconnect through the resin to make it resistant to all kinds of forces [2].

The 3K has a slightly lower stiffness/weight ratio than UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets of equal fibers, but it makes up by giving the rims a bombproof feature. Why? Because when a strand (or multiple) gets cut in UDF, by crashing for instance, the sheet is compromised and the tear will expand through a larger part of the sheet at continuous workload. A weave will stop the tear because it is intervened by the crossing layer of strands [3].

Although it is not advised to ride with a 'hole' in your rims, situations can occur where you might not know of a damaged rim or it is not an option to stop right away. Then you have the extra safety of the 3K weave to get you home.

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Can I get FFWD wheels in different color options?

FFWD offers only wheels with the red/white decals which are under the clear coat for durability. The F4R, F6R and F9R models are also offered with white decals which enables you to combine wheels with any frame color. The white decal option is not available for the Control versions.


There are also special editions of the F6R in matt black or Celeste. 


Color options you might have seen have been produced especially for a bike brand or have been a limited special.

We are also aware of some sticker companies that produce decals in different color options. These decals are however applied on top of the clear coat.

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F6R wheel set tested by Canadian Cycling