Feel the rush: Track season 2023-2024 has started!

Are you already familiar with track cycling? Have you ever ridden on the track or visited a track cycling event? Yes or no, in either case, in this blog we are going to motivate you to dapt track cycling into your heart (again) this winter season.

The sound of those narrow tyres on the wood, the smell of competition in the air, and pure adrenaline coursing through the veins. A few weeks ago we've started, the 2023-2024 track cycling season promises to be another winter full of spectacle!

Track cycling is surely a special discipline in cycling. A unique combination of speed, strategy and unprecedented willpower surrounded with a great party with loud music and light shows. Everything takes place in the "Velodrome" where heroes are born and shiny bikes and equipment shoots to high top speed without shifting gears. From day one, FFWD has been visible on the track, the discipline to which we have rocked our cycling hearts.


Curious about the magic of the track?

For those new to track cycling: track cycling is an explosive sport and takes place on oval tracks with steep curves specially designed for these cutting-edge races. Technological advances also play a big role in track cycling, and thanks to increasingly sophisticated bikes and equipment, speeds will undoubtedly again be higher than we have ever seen.

But it's not just about speed. Track cycling is also a strategic game where the difference between winning and losing is determined by tiny little details. It is like chess on wheels. Every move counts. Every second is crucial. And the athletes? They are the masters of this brutal game.

A brand new season full of opportunities

This new season is yet another invitation to every cycling fan. Whether you have been following track cycling for years, or have just discovered this wonderful spectator sport. Season 2023-2024 is going to be one where unique new stories will be written, where underdogs will become champions and where every moment will again be unforgettable. From the sprint to points race and the pursuit, every race is worth sitting on the edge of your seat.

Have we got you excited to become a track cycling supporter? Check out the calendar below with spectacular six-day events that we think you shouldn't miss!

Date Event Country
14 - 19 November Lotto Sixdays Flanders-Gent Belgium
12 - 17 December Wooning Sixdays Rotterdam Netherlands
12 - 15 January Six Days Bremen Germany
 27 - 29 January Six Days Berlin Germany


For an up-to-date overview of all track races around the world: check this calendar on the UCI website.

Even if you are not in a position to visit and watch the races in real live, you can follow a lot of track cycling on television. On Eurosport and GCN, many races are broadcast (mostly live) throughout the winter season.

FFWD as a loyal supporter of track cycling

Have you ever watched track races on TV or in real life? Then our FFWD track wheels can hardly have escaped your notice. We are proud to say that many, many champions have achieved their triumphs on FFWD wheels. From national track teams to six-day riders, our striking speedsters shined on almost every championship and event.

Fast Forward, that is what FFWD stands for more than anything else. In this respect, the track is the place where pure speed, performance and exposure for us as a wheel brand are at their best. For us no doubt that track wheels are going to remain a prominent part of our collection.

From road to track: you too, right?

Road cycling is wonderful, but almost every road cyclist who has ever tasted the rush of track cycling is sold. Track cycling is the perfect way to refine your skills, increase your speed and discover a new side of cycling. It's all about control, focus and sheer power. On the track, there is no place for hesitation. It's you, your bike, and that unrelenting wooden track.

The choice is yours: are you ready to add that new dimension to your love of cycling?