Register your precious wheels for extra warranty and conditions

Extend your warranty

Register your precious wheels

Grab an extra year of warranty on your wheels, completely free of charge! All you need to do is register the wheels online right after your purchase.

Why register your wheels?

In main condition, all FFWD wheels start with a two years of warranty. FFWD guarantees all products to be free from any manufacturing defects for a period of two years after first original date of purchase. This warranty only applies to the first and original owner and is not transferable.

On top of the regular two-year warranty on your FFWD wheels, TeamFFWD will bonus you with one full year of extra warranty just by register your wheels online immediately after purchase. The registration also immediately activates the Crash Replacement Policy, when this is unexpectedly necessary. Finally, registering your wheels ensures the fastest possible handling of any service requests.

Become a member of #teamffwd!

Besides extending the warranty on your wheels, there is something extra for you as a new TeamFFWD team member. As part of the FFWD community you will always be the first to receive information about product updates, news about FFWD events and special offers!

Warranty limitations

The warranty on FFWD wheels only applies to manufacturing errors of the product and/or the parts from which the product is built. Any form of damage and/or wear and tear as a result of improper use, non-compliance with the instructions for use, and poor maintenance, is excluded from the warranty.

FFWD warranty does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear. Wear parts become damaged (wear) logically as a result of normal use, and to a greater extent by cycling under conditions/uses other than those recommended.

Wear parts are understood to mean:

- brake pads
- braking surface of tubular and clincher rims
- ball bearings

IMPORTANT: Always use special FFWD carbon brake pads when using FFWD full carbon wheels for rim brakes. Never forget to change these carbon brake pads as soon as the wheels in the bicycle are replaced by wheels with a different braking surface. Dirt from the braking surface (aluminium residue) can get stuck in the carbon brake pads, which can lead to irreparable damage to the braking surface of the full carbon rim. Failure to observe this instruction will void the warranty!