One thing we are confident about: wheels are your bikes best upgrade!

Without a doubt there is no other part of your bike that gives such a huge gain in functionality, performance, and experience as a pair of high end wheels. The addition of higher stiffness, lower weight and more aerodynamics ensures that your rides will be changed forever, starting at the the first pedal stroke.

High end carbon wheels for all type of riders

At FFWD we have carbon wheels available for almost all cycling disciplines, to serve as much cyclists as possible. Our wheels are classified into four categories: race, track, triathlon and gravel. Each discipline has its own wishes and requirements, all depending on how the wheels will be used and on what terrain they are riden on.

Whether you're looking for a pair of wheels for your daily rides, or you need the most powerful weapons to perform at a high level in competitions, the FFWD collection will always offer you top wheels for every challenge. At least also not unimportant: carbon wheels with their high rim profile combining a cool design will give you some looks to shine with!