FFWD wheels as true companion

From passionated riders up to world class professionals, FFWD wheels will always be there to bring cycling to a higher level.

Teams and athletes

FFWD wheels have been visable all over the world thanks to the sponsorship of teams and athletes since its launch in 2006. In every discipline and at every level, the high-end carbon wheels have contributed to unforgettable performances. Especially young athletes and the development of talent in cycling have always been a great concern to FFWD. Therefore you will find FFWD wheels on many national and development teams.


With the rise of social media, a new category of cycling athlete fanatics were born. Influencers who ride their bike in the most beautiful places around the world in search of experiences which they can share. With great creativity and photograpy skills exciting sporting experiences are transformed into captivating stories. By putting a lot of effort in their social media contributions, they know how to reach a large audience which makes a huge growth to a new experience of cycling.