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let's keep your wheels in perfect shape

The best possible mechanical service by our pro's. In case of bad luck, FFWD supports you by fixing your wheels at a special discounted replacement price.

Your wheels need some professional service from one of our experts? Here is what need to do:

1. What service do your wheels need?

Please fill in the form below, print out the confirmation you received by e-mail and enclose it with the shipment when sending the wheels securely to our headquarters.

2. Send your wheels to our headquarters

- Remove the tyres and/or the cassette. (send without accessories like tires/quick release/cassettes)
- Pack the wheels well protected in a strong (preferably original) wheel box.
- Send the box with the wheels to our adress: Gasthuisdijk 12, 8041 AG Zwolle, The Netherlands.
- FFWD is not responsible for damage and/or loss of any accessories sent with the wheels.

3. We will start our job

As soon as we have received your wheels, we will inspect them and you will receive an e-mail very quickly with our findings and a quote of any costs.

4. You can hit the road again!

After we have sent your wheels back to you in perfect condition, you will usually receive them back at home the next day. Prepare the bike and enjoy your next ride!

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