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If you are unsure which wheels suit your needs, we are happy to help you make the right choice! Book a testride, come over to our headquarters and try out the wheels of your choice on the famous "Ride Zwolle" parcours.

Test and discover the roots of FFWD

Come visit us for a testride!

What could be a better place to test your new FFWD wheels than in the heart where they were created? To help you making the right choice, we offer you the opportunity to come over and take a testride in Zwolle!

Did we make you excited? Would you like to test a set of our fantastic wheels of choice in Zwolle? You can book a testride, completely free of charge and without any obligation just by signup the form at the bottom of this page. Will we see you soon?

"Around Zwolle" Road

The parcours "Rondje Zwolle" is a beautiful course with all types of surface around our hometown Zwolle. Idyllic roads, up and down the dikes, and find out the surprisingly beautiful nature where you also can experience all the wonderful driving characteristics of the wheels at the same time.


tour around zwolle

"Around Zwolle" Gravel

Do you prefer to gravel around? No problem, we have a (slightly different) course around Zwolle for that purpose too! We hardly couldn't make it more versatile, we've really put everything in it for the best all-round experience.