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ZWIFT Forward

Many of you are already familiar with indoor training, whether it’s for your road races, triathlon or just to maintain some fitness. Over the past few years Zwift has become the most popular way to train indoors, making the experience both fun and social!

As cyclists, we love the outdoors - the chance to escape, explore, clear your head and spend time with others. In previous years, you would only ever choose to ride indoors if you had no other choice. However, in recent years, with the introduction of indoor training platforms like Zwift, you can bring a part of that experience indoors. Platforms like Zwift will never truly replace the outdoors, and nor do they try, but they now offer you the opportunity to join others for rides, take part in competition and even explore virtual worlds - all helping you stay in shape for the summer cycling season!


So what does it take to train indoors?

To begin with you need a smart trainer that can be connected to a device such as a laptop, tablet or AppleTV. The bigger the screen, the more immersive the experience becomes whatever you choose, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll forget you’re riding from your bedroom or garage. To connect to the online world you’ll need an account with Zwift. Once a member you are ready to go!

Zwift offers you a variety of virtual rides in different worlds. Some are fantasy destinations, like Watopia, while others based on real courses such as the World Championships course in Richmond, Innsbruck and Harrogate.

No mater how experience a cyclist you are, there are categories and experiences for you - whether you’re someone that like to race, train solo or take part in massive virtual gran fondo’s, there will be a distance speed or challenge to meet your needs.

When riding on Zwift with a smart trainer, you will feel all the changes in gradient as the trainer reacts to the landscape you see on screen. Riding up Alpe du Zwift feels just like riding the real Alpe d’Huez. Equally, when you jump onto the wheel of another rider, you will benefit from their draft - giving you that little bit of rest you might need.


Not just for training

With the popularity of this form of online cycling the competition aspect and demand grew. Leading to e-racing which is growing faster and faster, now with the official UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. Over 17,000 people are currently competing in Season 2 of the Zwift Racing League with many teams and sponsors now involved.

Zwift has also helped to start the careers of new professional cyclists, through the Zwift Academy program. Thanks to the platforms ability to track progress and measure performance, Zwift has helped award 11 professional contracts with teams including CANYON//SRAM and Alpecin-Fenix.

FFWD Zwift

All about looking good

We guess you are just like us and proud (maybe super proud) of your bike. What has been spent on it is irrelevant as long as it looks good and gets your motivation going, right? The guys at Zwift know as well hence their options to virtually ride the best possible bikes and nice gear as well! In their Drop Shop you can find upgrades to create a cool bike like in real life. That’s where you will also find our RYOT55 with shiny white decals to steel the attention online! When reaching the appropriate level these beauties can be on your bike as well! Another motivation to keep going! Are you nearly there yet?

If you got interested there’s more info available.

For those new to ZWIFT please check this link to take it from the start.

If you’re up for a race you can check the calendar here