Idsart Schipper

Master of finance

What I love the most about cycling is the fact that you see small villages and beautiful landscapes which you normally wouldn't see. Another reason for me to cycle is to stay a little bit in shape.

Let's meet Idsart

Do you like to know more about Idsart and what puts him into action? In a short selection of twelve questions below we try to answer those questions for you.

My joy at FFWD

My father established FFWD in 2006, back then I still was a little kid. This year, almost 15 years laters, my father got back in business, and I just graduated from my study Business Administration. He asked me to help him implement a new ERP system, and of course I said yes because this is a great learning opportunity for me. For the time I've been here, I really like my colleagues and the culture here!

My history in cycling

Despite the fact that my father is a big cycling fanatic, I've never been interested in cycling myself. Untill the age of 18 (2015), when my father and I cycled from Austria back to the Netherlands in one week. I think this was the first time on a bike for me, and even though it was a challenging week for me, I really enjoyed the trip. Since then, I jump on the bike now and then to cycle with my friends or father, and once or twice a year we go on a cycling trip to France or Girona.

My bike(s)

I have my own Cannondale bike, but that one is pretty heavy. So the last few years I've been riding my fathers Billato, which is great for cycling up hill!

My favorite pair of wheels

If I have to choose, the RAW will be on top of my list. I really like the unique molded in logo and it's the best of the best!

My favorite place to ride

I like to climb, because when I cycle up hill, I have to work the hardest. Therefore, it gives me lot of satisfaction when I reach the top of a mountain (or hill). So, unfortunately The Netherlands isn't my favorite country to cycle. I think cycling in the region of Girona might be my favorite. It's a beautiful old city, where you can eat good tapas and have some nice beers after each day of cycling.

My goals (in distance)

I don't ride my bike very often, so I don't really have a specific goal. I have one big condition for jumping on my bike: the sun has to be shining. So my cycling season usually is from April till September, in which I normally ride around around 1500-2000km.

My favorite cyclist

At the moment Mathieu van der Poel keeps surprising me every time again. I also riders like Peter Sagan! And when there is a bunch sprint, my support is for Dylan Groenewegen.

My other interests

My biggest interest is traveling around the world to learn about other countries and cultures. Also like to play soccer and padel now and then. And ofcourse, I love hanging out with friends and drinking beers in the weekends.

My favorite movie

All movies from Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight etc.). I also like his movie Dunkirk because I figured myself in that one! Also like Quentin Tarantino's movies and the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe! But I enjoy watching series even more. My favorites are Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

My favorite music

My favorite artist is The Weeknd. I realy like every single song of him! Also like to listen to the Techno, Disco, House genre, which gives me the fine summer festival vibes.

My favorite podcast

I don't know anything about Podcasts, never listened to one. So I need to skip this question.

My social media

You can find me on almost every Social Media platform, but Instagram I use the most. I also like watching a lot of YouTube videos, travellers who go to places you normally woulnd't go. (Bald and Bankrupt is my favorite YouTuber of the moment).


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