Idsart Schipper

Master of overall performance

What I love the most about cycling is the fact that you see small villages and beautiful landscapes which you normally wouldn't see. Another reason for me to cycle is to stay a little bit in shape.

Within Team FFWD, Idsart is the versatile spider in the web. He maintains contact with our clients, manages the finances and deals with all kinds of administrative tasks. He also contributes to marketing, purchasing and product development, with the aim of being able to steer the company from a broad overview.

Every working day is different for Idsart and this is exactly what appeals to him in his job. His day invariably begins with monitoring incoming orders. During the day he focuses on sales-related issues and deals with financial administration, reporting, and coordination between sales and production. In between jobs he can also be found at the table tennis table to stimulate physical energy levels with a healthy dose of fanaticism.

Idsart's personal goal within the FFWD team is to gain as much knowledge as possible in all possible areas with a particular focus on management. His passion for cycling stems from his childhood, where his father was always fanatically involved in cycling. Although initially more interested in soccer and tennis he later found his way to cycling and is now rock solid at FFWD.

In his barn at home there are two beautiful exclusive bikes: a De Rosa Pininfarina SK and a Billato Supercorsa. His favorite cycling race is the Tour de France, a spectacle he had the pleasure of witnessing up close several times as a child. Idsart most identifies with cycling legend Eddy Merckx, with whom, coincidentally or not, he also shares the same birthday.

On vacation by bike, Idsart chooses the area around Girona, where every route is an equal favorite and the city offers perfect opportunities to relax with delicious tapas and beers. In his free time Idsart enjoys traveling around the world discovering new cultures, playing padel, and enjoying cozy moments with friends.

With his richly equipped set of skills and youthful enthusiasm, Idsart is the strategic pawn within Team FFWD.