Drifting through a variety of terrains - Meet FFWD ambassador Puck Pinxt

A rising star from our Dutch homeground who loves to challenge herself on the bike toward the world's top.

If cycling is your number one love, all year round, no matter the weather conditions, on which bike and over whatever terrain you ride. What do you do? For FFWD ambassador Puck, the choice is very simple: she just does it all!

Puck is active in no less than four disciplines: mountainbike, gravel, beach and road. Multi-disciplinary at its best we can say without a doubt. Puck likes some pressure to achieve her goals, and with success!

In this blog post we introduce you to FFWD ambassador Puck Pinxt. We take you along on her adventures on the bike and look ahead to a summer season full of new cycling challenges.

My drive number one is that I love to spend my life on the bike above anything else. I cannot imagine life without cycling.



Who is Puck Pinxt?

In the world of cycling, Puck P has been pretty much synonymous with success for several years now. And for those who didn't know it yet: besides Puck Pieterse, we have another Dutch talent with the same initials: Puck Pinxt. Like Pieterse, she is a multi-talented cyclist who likes to combine multiple disciplines.

When Puck Pinxt started cycling around age 10, cycling was all about having fun. Without a doubt the number one ingredient to stay motivated when cycling your way to the top. After her studies and a year in the snow, the bike was brought out from under the dust again with a sharp focus mainly on the off-road disciplines.

Outstanding performance in beach races

During the winter season, Puck is active in a special branch of cycling: beach racing. In case you don't know this discipline (yet), these are tough races on the beach along the coastline, characterized by the wind at your back or against your nose.

That Puck, who is living near the sea, is made for these kind of races she has proven many times. Last winter season she took many podium finishes, with a victory in the final race in Rockanje as cherry on the cake. She finished 3rd in the final standings of the Dutch top competition.

A summer fully packed with MTB marathons

After a busy winter with beach races there was hardly a rest period because on March 9th the first MTB marathon in Apeldoorn was already scheduled. Puck proved that she was still in good shape by taking the win. In a strong field of competitors including former pro cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten, there is no better way than start the season with a win.

In the spring and summer it is full focus on mountainbike marathons (XCM) with the Transalp as the main event! This multi-day marathon race crosses Austria, Switzerland and Italy between July 14 and 20. Over 500 kilometers are completed in 7 rides over rugged terrain with over 16.000 altimeters.

In preparation, Puck runs several marathons in different countries. Especially important are the races in the Belgian Ardennes, part of the Belgian Ardennes Marathon Series (BAMS). For the altimeters, the rough terrain and to measure up with the other top female cyclists.

The goal in the Transalp? Podium!

Follow Puck during her challenges

With Puck we have an ambassador who full of enthusiasm likes to find her route off the beaten track. Together with her 'Beach Bastards Sports Club' team, she will participate in challenging races in find of many great cycling achievements. We won't doubt about that.

Are you curious about what Puck will encounter in her journey to the top? Follow @puck_pinxt and her @beach_bastards_sports_club on Instagram!

Puck's choice of wheels

If you are demanding of yourself, then of course you want the best equipment. And not just material that will get you to the finish quickly, but also without material failure. Strong and fast wheels that offer just that little bit extra is a requirement. FFWD offers the perfect match.

For the beach races, Puck chose the DRIFT. That these - originally dedicated - gravel wheels feel at their best in changing conditions will be no surprise. Add the fact that riding on the beach along the coastline is super smooth because of its agility. You can conclude the DRIFT as beach set is a perfect choice.

In her mountainbike the choice of the OUTLAW is undisputed. Puck was one of the first to race on the updated OUTLAW's and from day one she was stunned about how they perform! Thanks to the extra wide rims you can ride with low tire pressure while maintaining the stability and reliability of your equipment. Especially in the long marathon races under heavy conditions this is a real must!