RAW sounds like a wild animal showing his teeth ready to accelerate. Our RAW is also synonymous with aesthetics and pushing high end wheel technology to a level far away from the basics.

Are you ready to explore the road with the new RAW?

It's a kind of magic

When we started the new RAW project we wanted it to be something special. Something where we can express the maximum of our DNA.

To achieve that goal we aimed to use only the best luxury materials fine-tuned to seamlessly blend looks and performance.

Rim technology with looks to impress

The carbon rims of the new RAW are lighter than its previous model. For optimal aerodynamics, the choice of the proven LAW-tech rim profile was undisputed.

Available in 3 rim heights, the new RAW is available for any terrain or challenge. And in addition to a 33, 44 and 55 mm rim height, you also have the choice between a luxurious matte and a chic glossy rim surface finish. Whatever your purpose and wherever you will be riding, there is always a RAW for you.

Carbon spokes for next level experience

They are extremely light and stiff. And by using fewer spokes (21 instead of 24) you quickly save 30% over traditional spokes.

The magic happens while riding. Direct, responsive and yet so crazy comfortable. How does that feel? Grant yourself to a test ride and you'll never want anything else.

Hubs with Ceramicspeed bearings inside

To bring a high end pair of wheels knocked on the CeramicSpeed door for some smooth rolling, extreme durable bearings. We believe CeramicSpeed needs no further introduction.

We designed our RAW hubs specificly for carbon spokes and CeramicSpeed provided us the best custom bearings. Beside the normal hub maintenance, the perfectly sealed bearings are maintenance-free.

The way we build to last

Superb building quality is part of our DNA. We will never compromise on that. This means that besides every important technical detail each RAW wheel is fully hand-built by our wheelbuilding experts.

If you think that a luxury wheelset with such low weight is more fragile, we would like to reassure you. Thanks to the balanced choice of materials and the way we build your RAW wheels, you will enjoy our proven reliability.

Our 'Built to Last' philosophy also shows in the serviceability. The choice of all components are made based on the possibility of quick and easy service in the future.

What RAW riders say

They are really light so perfect for climbing. During interval training they react really super fast!

Marie Detouche

My Cervelo S5 has really gotten a boost. I already won my first race on it. On to the next one!

Glenn van Nierop

Every ride is like a party, both the looks and how great these top wheels ride. Thank you Team FFWD!

Fred Arends