bye bye front derailleur

A revolutionary shifting system for your 1x setup combined with the best wheels

FFWD and Classified are bringing the next generation in shifting technology on FFWD wheels.

Maybe you've already seen it or read about it. If not, this could be a nice first introduction to Classified Powershift. If you heard of it already you may ask yourself; what’s in it for me? In a nutshell it’s a revolutionary internal 2-speed wireless shifting system that replaces the front derailleur and combines the benefits of the 2x and 1x systems without any compromise.

Not only does Classified's Powershift system make it possible to double your number of gears with a 1x11 or 1x12 setup by shifting inside the rear hub, it allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load.

Powershift hub by Classified

How does Classified Powershift work?

The base of the Classified Powershift system is hidden in its unique rear hub. In fact it’s a 2-speed hub with a built-in shifting system that is activated by pushing a small button positioned on the handlebar. You’ll be able to enjoy the same number of gears as compared to two front chainrings with front derailleur but in a 1x setup. Furthermore, the speed and smoothness of the Powershift shifting is phenomenal. Add the fact that it can shift under a huge power load of no less than 1500 watts. You will never find this kind of performance with a front derailleur!

Classified Powershift hub internal

Every shift action is actuated true a wireless signal (bluetooth) from the handlebar unit to the smart electronic thru-axle, which directs the energy into the Powershift hub. Shifting is super fast, in just 150 milliseconds it is done even under full power.

The Powershift hub is maintenance-free, only the bearings are subject to normal wear. In terms of durability, this provides a huge gain over riding with two front chainrings and a front derailleur. The “one-piece” Classified cassette, CNC machined from high-quality steel, is not only very light (starting at 157 grams) but also made for many riding miles being hardened and coated. 

The benefits of the Classified Powershift system

  • Riding with a 1x11 or 1x12 setup, doubling the full gear range
  • No more front derailleur
  • Always a perfect chainline, whatever gear you ride
  • Super-fast shifting, in just 150 milliseconds
  • Shifting under (high) power, up to 1500 watts!
  • Always hit the right gear, under all conditions

The FFWD and Classified partnership

Whether you are building your new bike, or you are upgrading your current bike, you always want to be free to choose which brand of wheels will complete your bike. Made your choice for the Classified Powershift system? Then we offer you the opportunity to hit the road with FFWD wheels!

Of course we don't just take on any adventure, we only collaborate with brands that make products we fully support. Classified is a brand with a great product in terms of advanced technology, sublime quality and durability. We believe that this system can be a superb addition for our customers.

FFWD Classified Models

We have chosen two models from our collection to be build with the Classified hubs: RYOT44 and DRIFT. Where DRIFT is your dedicated gravel wheel set the RYOT44 offers you the choice for road or light gravel use. The rims of these two high-end models are specifically made for the large diameter hub-flange of the Classified rear hub. As a result, the optimal distribution of forces between the hub and the rim is maintained without the material being placed under adverse stress. You can be confident these wheels are built to last.

DRIFT Powershift ready

On the scales

Having a closer look at the Powershift hub, you will quickly notice the hub body is larger than classic sizes we see mostly. This might give the idea that more weight is added to the bike, but that is actually not that bad. Especially when compared to a complete bike setup.

There are significant weight savings by changing the crank to a single-chainring version, and the elimination of the front derailleur. This will make the complete bike setup lighter.

This is what's in the FFWD box with Powershift-ready wheels

Are you convinced and do you want to equip your bike with this innovative piece of cycling technology? We’ll deliver the wheels with specific hubs. The Classified Powershift internals, shifting system and cassettes are available through selected Classified dealers.

If you order a FFWD Classified wheelset, this is what you get from us:

  • FFWD rear wheel with Classified hub body (excluding Powershift Internals)
  • FFWD front wheel with Classified hub
  • FFWD wheel bag (for two wheels)
  • Pre-installed Tubeless tape
  • Pre-installed Tubeless valves

Need one last push?

We understand that you may want to experience the Powershift feeling in real life before you buy and you can! At the Classified dealers you have the opportunity to take a test drive to experience the benefits in practice.

Do you already have a bike equipped with the Classified Powershift system and are you ready for an upgrade with one of our FFWD wheelset? Feel free to come and take a test drive with us in our headquarters Zwolle, the beans are roasted!