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Right choice in four steps

All those wheels….how to make the right choice? Do you wonder this when looking for something new?

It only takes four steps to make the right choice!

Right choice in four steps

All those wheels….how to make the right choice? Do you wonder this when looking for something new?

It only takes four steps to make the right choice!

In general you can’t go wrong with a set of FFWD wheels. Our wheels are built to last by experienced wheel builders (produced over 150.000 wheels) from our facility in The Netherlands. In the unfortunate case of a crash our service department is the best in getting you back on your precious wheels in no time! That’s no marketing speech, just ask around…



We have wheels for many categories in cycling so first step is to choose your type of ride. Given that almost any cyclist has a road bike and the options there are the largest we dive into the ROAD category.


Second step is more about at which cycling level you position you in. We have a RYOT family, let’s call it our base models, that cover the best wheels for different circumstances. More on that in a minute.

RYOT family

If you’re new to carbon wheels or just look for a bomb proof set and care about the budget the TYRO is your pick!

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and the best of the best in terms of looks, weight and ceramic bearings makes your bells ring, RAW is your choice!


Third step is to look at your intended use. There are four different rim heights with their own characteristics. In general low rims do well in the mountains and in wind for smaller/lighter riders. The higher the rims get the more they are able to maintain speed and therefore help you to be faster. As you can imagine higher rims get more influenced by the wind, but especially for the smaller/lighter riders.


Fourth and Final step is to make a choice between two hub options. We’ve got the RYOT models with FFWD hubs and DT Swiss 240 hubs. Both of super high quality with the best internal parts based on the same technology. FFWD hubs are the most affordable option that are perfect for all riders. Only for the kilometer maniacs that ride more then 7000 km’s a year the DT240 option is a good consideration. Their bearing sealing is better which makes them slightly less sensitive for maintenance.


Back to the RYOT family:

Perfect for the mountains is the RYOT33. Super agile with just 33mm high rims. They will help you get up to speed easy and offer maximum control no matter the size or weight of the rider.

RYOT33 lifestyle

The most sold option is the RYOT44 as they are the most all-round. From the flat roads to the mountains anyone can ride these. The 44mm rims do have aerodynamic advantage and extra stiffness to create more power when pushing the pedals.

RYOT44 lifestyle

For the best aerodynamic results you choose the RYOT55. If you’re up to speed you save watts to maintain that speed so you can go even faster. The more experienced riders that have been riding carbon wheels already know perfectly how to handle these babies.

RYOT55 lifestyle

Triathlon and time trial specialists go for the RYOT77 (but some roadies might like this as much). The wheels look stunning due to the 77mm high rims so motivational speaking it’s the best. It does require some bigger riders to be able to control them though.


As said; there is no wrong choice! We just want to make your ride as nice and as good as possible….so you Get Confident to Go Fast.


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Still in doubt? Experience the wheels and you’re (probably) sold. After buying the wheels, you can try them and get a full refund within 100 days in the unlikely case you don’t like them.

Don’t know what else could convince you 😉